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Aastra M680i
Aastra M680i

The Aastra M680i is a paper label expansion module for Aastra 6800 series phones.

Aastra M680i Expansion Module Overview

The M680i Expansion Module is a compact and cost efficient addition for Aastra 6800i Series SIP phones offering 16 additional programming keys. Each key has a built in LED enabling support of advanced features like BLF, SCA as well as Speed Dial.

Up to three M680i modules can be used with the Aastra models 6865i, 6867i and 6869i, providing up to 48 additional keys. The M680i can also be daisy chained with the M685i Expansion Module for a combined total of up to three modules providing a powerful feature rich console layout.

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Aastra M680i Features and Functions:

  • Supported on the Aastra 6865i, Aastra 6867i, and Aastra 6869i
  • 16 programmable softkeys with LEDs
  • Paper insert labeling
  • Powered by the phone; no separate power adapter required
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