Our training courses give you what you need!

Don't settle for anything less than our one on one training.

We have talked to our customers and the answer is many times the same - They tell us that they took a course that cost $200 or so and a year later they hardly remember anything they were taught. It seems that you are doing good if you retain 25% of what the course taught you! That means that 75% is a waste of time and money!

Here is our proven solution: We come into your home and teach you on your computer, with your printer, digital camera, scanner, web cam - whatever you have - we teach you what you want to know. Make a list of things you want to learn. The things you need to know and we will teach them to you. We suggest an hour at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. Some people are ok with a two hour session - you choose whatever you are comfortable with. At our current training rate, by the time you invest the same $200 you would on a course, you will be much further ahead on the things you want and need to know!

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