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expert, friendly advice, go the extra mile to be accommodating and also great value, would recommend to anyone!

by:Gary Clayton

Thanks guys for the great service, I bought a Thinkpad T520i, Very happy with this laptop, For some great service go see Will Dunn at the Barrie store.

by:Gloria Connolly

Hi Dee, I want to thank Will for going above and beyond to set up my new printer so all I had to do is bring it home and plug it in. I have been a customer for many years and I have always received such great service. Jason is always so patient when helping a "senior" and is my go to guy when I have a problem with my computer. So thanks to all of you. You are a fantastic team!!!

by:ronald kittiel

Just want to thank Dee and Jim for their customer service. I have had on-going problems with the used computer I bought in April 2015 and have been searching for a company I can go to and get the results I have received from you guys. I will be recommending to friends and anybody else I come in contact with who are having computer problems. It has been a pleasure dealing with guys and keep up the good work.


Hi Dee, I wanted to just let you know how happy I am with your service. I contacted you this morning and here I am with my problems solved by end of day! Jim was wonderful! Thank you. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and neighbours!


Dear Dee and Computer Elite Family, Just a wee note here, to thank you for your superb, thorough and reasonably priced service. My parents and I really appreciate the rapidity with which you repaired my laptop, and we are all so relieved that a solution was possible. Thank you again for saving our 'computer bacon.' You are the Best! Gratefully yours, Cathryn

by:Sandy Agnew

I had been to several computer stores before I found Computer Elite six or seven years ago. The level of service, knowledge and friendly atmosphere makes dealing with CE a real pleasure. I especially appreciate the remote service they provide. It has saved me many trips and been a tremendous help in solving my many little computer issues. Thanks Joe, Dee and the whole gang.

by:Cathryn Campbell

Just a wee note, to thank Dee and Jim for great products and exemplary service. Jim has a 'Buddha-like' calm and can handle any situation. Dee guided me to reasonably priced products and saved me considerable costs. Thank you!

by:Lorraine Parsons

When our computer died, Joe turned what could have been a nightmare into a positive experience. We bought a new computer, all our files were seamlessly transferred and software loaded, and all our questions were addressed. Ongoing, it is comforting to know that Joe, Dee and the rest of the team at Computer Elite are available to offer advice and support.

by:Gloria Connolly

Once again you came to my aid on very short notice. Heidi thank you for helping and Jareth was so helpful and fixed the problem in a very timely manner. Also he and all your gang are "nice people". Thanks so much I don't know what I would do with you.

by:Mark Tulloch

The folks at Computer Elite take everyone of my challenges personally and work to solve them in an expedient manner. A family owned business that treats their customers like family. We've been doing business together since 2003 and will continue to do so.

by:Lorraine Parsons

When our computer died, Joe turned what could have been a nightmare into a positive experience. We bought a new computer, all our files were seamlessly transferred and software loaded, and all our questions were addressed. Ongoing, it is comforting to know that Joe, Dee and the rest of the team at Computer Elite are available to offer advice and support.


We have been customers of computer elite from inception and they have provided the best service. Wether it be desktops or laptops we have had after sale service and complete customer satisfaction which you can't get at a box store. We tried the box store, but immediately came back. Their honestly and integrity cannot be matched.

by:Jason Browning - Royal LePage

As a Realtor, my success depends on referrals...and as such, I also refer clients, family and friends to businesses and service providers that stand above the crowd. Computer Elite certainly fits that bill!

Joe, Dee, Heidi and the whole gang over at Computer Elite deserve recognition and success for the business model they provide.

I'm a bit of a 'tech' guy myself and rarely utilize the services of a professional, when it comes to computers. Living in Orillia but travelling to Barrie daily, I've passed 'that computer place on Hwy 11, with the RC car track out front' a bazillion times. Always saw the board out front with ads and sometimes funny computer sayings, but never stopped in.

Recently, I discovered that I needed a new laptop to stay on top of the competitive world of Real Estate. I checked out the big box stores, and got the same result at all of them..standard computers with standard features and standard expectations. Then, one day, I was travelling back to Orilia, saw the 10th anniversary sale sign in front of Computer Elite, missed the driveway, immediately pulled over and 'backed up along the shoulder' to get back to the driveway and pulled in. I'm so glad I did.

Without getting into specific details, Joe spent a lot of time showing and teaching me about different laptops, desktops and ultrabooks and the pros and cons of each. I explained to him my needs, and plans for the laptop I needed to purchase and he offered many many options for what to buy and how to configure it so I could use it effectively on the road, at home, with clients and at the office. 3 days and 4 visits later, I finally made my choice, much to Joe's relief, I'm sure. He must have had about 5 hours invested in answering all my questions and concerns. The key here is that he did so, without ever losing his patience or passion for making sure I was comfortable with my decision.

I ultimately purchased an Asus Zenbook, a laser printer and some extra peripherals that Joe showed me would make my life and business better and easier. I've never looked back...I'm extremely happy with my Ultrabook, get many compliments on the computer and have referred Computer Elite to many Real Estate agents and clients.

Of special note, I had a situation where I lost the charger for my Zenbook, and although it has a great battery and standby time, I could not be more than 24 hours without the charger. I inquired with Dee about purchasing a replacement and discovered that it would be a number of days to receive one as it had to be ordered from far away. Ultimately I was able to get my charger back, but I found out that in the meantime, Dee had made numerous inquiries to attempt to get me a charger quicker. She had even contacted a commercial customer of theirs who had just recently purchased 4 of the same type of Zenbooks that I had purchased, and asked if they wouldn't mind 'lending' me one of their chargers for a few days until my replacement order arrived!!!! Do you think Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples or any big box store would have done anything even close to that to help out a past customer? Ya, right!

Writing this testimonial and referring Computer Elite to anyone and everyone I know is the least I could do for a great company, a great store and great people who deserve all the best that business and life have to offer.

Thanks folks and all the best!

Jason Browning
Sales Representative
Royal LePage First Contact Realty

by:Lois and Bruce Cockerill

We would like to thank Joe and his staff for all the imformation that helped us to decide which lap top to purchase as our old one had a wee mishap. The staff not only sells equipment but repairs all makes and models, this makes it easy for them to diagnose, but sometimes not so easy to repair. With this knowledge it made an easy decision for us to make the purchase of our new lap top. Thanks again for your speedy help.

by:Chris Nicholson

Thank you for taking the time to educate me on the ins n outs of my computer and how everything works. I cant wait to build the rest of my new system. thanks again.

by:Don Macfarlane

Thanks for setting up the new computer, and tranferring over the files from a previous computer. The new computer works like a charm.

by:Wilma Beveridge

Thanks again for coming to the Rescue .Thanks to Heidi for being your happy self !!!! Wilma

by:Gloria Connolly

The folks at Computer Elite have been looking after my computer for years and they are the epitome of customer service and trust. They care about their clients. I usually deal with Jason and he is so patient with those of us that are getting older and dont always understand the tech lingo. My husband said the other day "What would you do without Jason". That just about sums it up.

by:Jean & John Sherman

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each & everyone of you for the woderful customer service that you all have provided for your customers, especially us. Sincerely Jean & John

by:Wilma Beveridge

Hi :- A great big Thankyou to Jareth you did a excellent job.Getting my Computer up and running. Also to the staff what would I ever do without you. Wilma


just a quick thank you for recommending the iogear solar powered blue tooth for my vehicle. works beautifully-no complaints-have raved about it to many friends & recommend it highly. thanks again!!!!


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great customer service we received in the store. It was amazing. Being a female I did not feel not welcome like in most computer places . Dee, I just want to say your staff are amazing people and a huge thank you again for the customer service

by:Wilma Beveridge

Hi There :- Another big thank you to Dee again. Your just the the best .Also Jareth for coming and getting me set up again !!! Thanks for showing me how to send out my pictures .With 5 children and 10 grand children plus 1 great grand son I need to have this .Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Wilma

by:Catherine Johnson

I wanted to thank you so much for working on my computer removing all the viruses has definitely improved the operation and the compute actually shuts down now. Thank you!

by:Susan Roubos

Thank you to all at Computer Elite. We love our new updated computer. You were very helpful and we will tell all our friends about you. Thanks to Dee for giving us her advice and we have no regrets and thanks to Heidi for helping when we called her and appreciate her thoughtfulness and her special service. Thank you again

by:John Hoell

My computer has a new lease on life. I am happy to say that you came through again,as usual, with fine workmanship and at a very reasonable cost. The motherboard is working fine along with the new power supply and added memory to enhance performance.In other words I am extremely happy with your product and fine, knowledgeable and most important,honest staff who are tops in their field. Many thanks.

by:Wendy Clark

Thanks Joe, the download worked for Microsoft Word, say hi to everyone for me. Wendy

by:Ross MacLeod

I thank God for you guys at the Computer Elite. My laptop hard-drive was half destroyed and Jason pretty much worked a miracle to get my data off it, and totally saved the day for me. And Heidi was so sweet and wonderful. The whole experience was WAY WAYYYYY above and beyond what would normally be expected. Thank you so much!

by:Wende Stirtzinger

Thanks Joe, for getting my router up & running. Keep up the great work...

by:Steve Aprea

My computer i bought last summer is still running great thanks guys

by:Chris Tulloch

Thanks for the upgrade. My computer is lightning fast now and runs my favourite games. Thanks a lot.

by:Joyce McDonald

Thank you Joe for working late to get us back up and running after the failure of our D-link system. It is encouraging to see their are still businesses who are willing to extend themselves by working longer hours when others face a crisis. May God continue to bless you in your work.

by:Wilma Beveridge

Hi! I am so pleased with my new System. I had a few problem's getting on Outlook Express they have been solved. Thankyou all again. This is my second Computer from you. Wilma

by:stephen zaba

Hey guys, everything is running OK. Thanks alot my investment guys thank you as well. Thanks for the upgrade, talk to you guys later

by:steve sadler

A few weeks ago, My daughter and I had a problem with my daughter's computer, we had called around and got nothing but a headache, we had gone by your store and thought that we'd call and see if they could check it. After after a short drive and little time, the computer was checked and fixed. I am very happy with the Professional service that was taken.... Thanks Again Steve & Sarah Sadler Gravenhurst

by:Mike Holotuk

hey joe, dee and jason its always a pleasure to come to your store and you all provide really usfull information

by:Olivia Kristek

Hi joe and Dee, The computer that you made for me is wonderful!!! And Joe, you were just great talking me through the phone to fix my computer. I put all of my sim games on it.(since I am a Simoholic :) ) Well again thanks!!! Olivia

by:Carrie City Florist

Boy are guys good! Look where I am, here writing a "thank heaven I found Computer Elite" message! Computer Elite has even brought ME upto date. Thanks for everything. I will continue to give praise to the people who didn't give up on my computer ablities!

by:Ian Forsyth

What a pleasure to work with you guys on my home and business needs. I have a wireless network you set up, PC's you have optimized and a new laptop that works flawlessly. All at comparable costs to the big guys. I highly recommend your services and would gladly act as a reference or referral. Regards, Ian Forsyth C.E.T.

by:Gary Dungate

Hey guys. I guess i should of sent this a long time ago. I would like to say thaks for the awesome laptop . Thanks for spending the time to go over just what I was looking for. You guys are the best out there, so I to put your name out when i hear about someone looking for service and satisfaction. To Joe, Dee Jason, John, I thank you again, keep up the good work. Wishing you and your familys a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Also Joe thanks for the fun times while visiting the shop. Gary D Innisfil Ont.

by:Jovan Petkovski

Like to take this opportuniti, and say THANK YOU for the exelent service, on all levels.I will recomend you to my friends.

by:Kathie Paul

Hello Joe and Dee: I must get in to say hello - it's been a while! I recommend you to everyone who asks because of the great service, etc. and also for the fact that you're just plain good folks!!! Hope to see you soon. Kathie.

by:Dave Lehman

Okay this is crazy! Every time I come to you for help I end up leaving satisfied that my digital needs have been met yet again. Your family amazes me, all of you try your best and it shows...By the way I am going to tell everybody that wants to listen about you so brace yourself cause if all your customers are this happy you will need another office reno!!! Thanks again Jo and D

by:Dave Lehman

Fantastic is just one word to describe the service your family delivered recently..The fact that I can sit here and type this to you shows that all is well. I was so impressed by your willingness to go the extra mile for me. After all I'm just a little guy trying to get things done.Joe and Jason Thank-you so much for your efforts which paid off. everything is working amazing now and I have you to thank. After God of course as He is the one that placed you in my life...I want to wish your whole family all the blessings that this celebration of birth can bring you.Have a merry Christmas and a totally prosperous new year.God Bless you all!!! Your friend for life Dave Lehman

by:joanne valler

Thanks for always helping and teaching me so much about computers. Now I feel much more confident when my kids expect me to fix the computer. Joanne

by:John Hoell

would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your curteous and helpful service when we bought our new system.We are very pleased with its performance.Just the fact that you are willing to spend your time to a potential customer for an enlightening consultation speaks volumes.It is,after all your time, which you are donating.I will not hesitate to recommend Computer Elite to anyone else who is looking for a company which still values integrity,a rare commodity these days. Again our thanks to you Joe and your family and Merry Christmas and happy new year!

by:Sabrina Crawford

You Guys are AMAZING! I can always count on Computer Elite to help me with all my computer needs. I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Thank You for always responding quickly and effeciently.

by:Dale Lock

Great Work Guys!!!!! Everything is PERFECT. Dale

by:wilma beveridge

When I got my computor in March Joe came with it and set it up also stayed with my granddaughter and myself for 2 and half hours I was never treated so good. Thanks again Joe, Wilma

by:Jennifer Wilson

Just wanted to say a BIG thanks for the time you took to help me solve my technical issues and provide additional solutions for upcoming projects. In the past I have dealt with other companies but I will now ONLY look to YOU for solutions. Thanks for being upfront, honest and again, VERY helpful.I have already passed your name on to friends and family.Thanks again,J. Wilson Barrie, Ontario

by:Brian... W.

Thanks for a really great machine.... The biggest cost was the software and my multi-purpose fax/scanner/printer/copier. The 3100A+ runs well and is FAST!!!!!! The 512 DDR 333 RAM was also really nice to have in it. The price was good too!!! I feel like I am on high speed dial-up, even though I am on country cable... Wow what a noticeable difference. The browsers open and close with ease, and I can have several windows open at a time, plus I can now handle large E-mail files without crashing, and downloads are a snap, etc..... Thanks again.....


I have received what can be described as excellent service from both Joe and Dee to-date. They have assisted me in several instances for computer-related business. I highly recommend Computer Elite for anyone looking for a good quality product along with incredible customer service. Joe and Dee have already went beyond the extra mile for me in the short period of time which I've been dealing with them.

by:Chris Bailey

When shopping for a way to network a few home computers, I found a lack of interest in many Barrie area computer stores to help me. Then I called Computer Elite. Joe not only called me back, he spent 15 minutes on the phone with me. They then delivered to me what I needed (Joe and Dee). I later visited their store and was thoroughly impressed AGAIN! I am enjoying referring friends, family and colleagues to them as I feel they are providing both amazing service and prices! Chris

by:Jim Tanton

Thanks Joe and Dee, excellant service the computer is working like a charm. We much appreciate having you to call on when we have a problem and look forward to future business. The Lord bless you both

by:Mark Tulloch

Joe & Dee have been a tremendous help during our recent business move and installed new systems to keep up with our demands. Thanks for all your help guys!

by:Joan Clements

I would just like to say thank-you very much for all of the information and time that Joe and Dee has spent with me. Your customer service is beyond reproach, and I have highly recommended you to many of my friends here. Joe spent time with me on the phone to discuss a minor problem, --- as he walked me through, he wanted to check out other things and we ended up talking for over an hour --- no charge. I was having a problem with my printer, thinking that I would have to buy a new one, but Joe kept working with me and he finally go it going. This saved me money and cost him a sale and he did not charge me for the time he spent with me. Thank-you both Joe and Dee so much for all of your help these past weeks.

by:Val And Chris Bischof

We just bought our 3rd system off Joe and Dee. We cannot say enough about how well we were taken care right from the start. I have know Joe and Dee for sometime now and I cannot say enought about the systems they put together. 100% rock solid, I can say with out any hesitation. I would not look any place else for a computer system. Joe puts his pride into every system he builds. Just ask him to put a cheep component into one of his systems HE WILL NOT DO IT! What else can can be said? Val and Chris B.

by:Debbie Green

I never thought I would have to go out of the good old USA to find such a realible source to purchase a computer. Dee and Joe are the best, as are any of there Techs. We have had them rebuild a mess of a computer that we paid a small fourtune for and had them update it twice since. This past Spring Dee even helped me find a Laptop to suit my very needs. They are always friendly and very informative no matter if your problem be big or small. As far as I am concerned they are truly the best !! Debbie in Missouri

by:Sandi Firman

We have dealt with this company since its inception and have enjoyed excellent service and customer relations. We highly recommend Computer Elite to all of our friends and colleagues.

by:Brenda Ray

Computer Elite always finds me the best price for whatever component I'm shopping for - from mice to monitors. Plus they deliver on time and stand behind what they sell. You can't ask for more than that!

by:Scott Silverberg

I've been a customer of Computer Elite long before it officially became Computer Elite. This company, Joe & Dee, are painfully honest and trustworthy. You can be sure that your purchase is fully supported and priced right ! I have recomended this company to both family and friends, many of which, have done business here, and not once have I heard a complaint. Everyone seems to say thank you for sending them in the right direction. So, if you're reading this, and you're still not sure, give them a call and a chance to show YOU, Computer Elite is the place to go for computer sales and service. I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but I truthfully believe in Joe & Dee. Enjoy your Computer Elite experience.

by:Jason Brearley

As a recent customer of Computer Elite I am thoroughly pleased with my experience. Both Joe and Dee, approach their customer service with a refreshing honesty that is rare in today's commercial environment. All of my questions were clearly answered when I bought the computer and their customer support has been fantastic. I will definitely return to Computer Elite for all of my computing needs in the future.

by:Lee Cocking

This is one of the best resources for computer components and knowledge that I have found anywhere.